Support on Employment


Disability and specific educational needs support service – PIUNE

PIUNE, in collaboration with the UAB Employment Service, offers the UAB Impuls Employment Programme that aims at facilitating the entry into the labour market by students and graduates of the UAB with a disability or at risk of social exclusion. To do so, it offers services to both students and graduates with disabilities (e.g., advice in defining short- and medium-term objectives; recommendations on activities to develop key transferable competences; guidance on how to prepare for selection process) and also to companies (e.g., advice on tax advantages; awareness-raising and training activities; communication of job offers and preselection of candidates).

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Support for Students from Underrepresented Groups Employability and Employment upREACH

More students than ever from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds attend university but this has not translated to increased income or enrolment in competitive graduate programmes at leading firms.

Underrepresented groups include – care leavers, student careers, students with disabilities, estranged students, students from low income households, mature students, students with mental health support needs, BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) students, asylum seekers and refugees are the main beneficiaries of the practice.

Career Zone introduced a collaboration with a charity – collaboration with upReach that helps disadvantaged students from across the UK realise their potential by investing in pioneering technology to facilitate, deliver and evaluate highly personalised programmes of support. Through successful partnerships with top employers and universities, upReach offers students access to a comprehensive range of opportunities and activities to broaden their horizons, understand career pathways and develop the skills, networks and experiences needed for professional success. We also collaborate closely with other charities in our sector to expand the support offered and maximise our joint impact.

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The Career + Programme promotes equality of access to work and ensures inclusive services and provision accessible to all regardless of protected characteristics or personal circumstances. Main target group/beneficiaries are undergraduate UK-domiciled students and those who have graduated from King’s within the last two years. The programme offers the following: a) extended career guidance appointments; b) exclusive career topics and employers´ workshops and events; c) the Careers+ Opportunities Newsletters are sent to KCL student e-mail throughout the year, sharing with them any upcoming projects and work opportunities that they can take part in.

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The University also offers exclusive support to help students achieve post-university goals (or work out what they are) from the very first weeks at Leeds. From assessment centre practice runs to mentoring, dedicated contacts within the Careers Service, where students have priority support. Support is available in the form of guidance, networking with employers, insight days in various industries and more specifically: tailored events and podcasts with a focus on getting ahead in Recruitment, developing a professional image, etc. Funding is available for Internships, Work Experience and Volunteering.

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